No. EvueMe is a cloud based application and it does not need you to install any software. Just log in and start using.

EvueMe is extremely user-friendly and works well for all industries. It allows organizations to setup the assessment in less than two minutes. Creating assessments and inviting applicants to the platform is a simple process.

We also provide you with an option to centralize the selection process by assigning you a master recruiter, who can view you set up the assessment and help you at any stage

No. EvueMe does not source candidates but helps you in making the sourcing process easier for you. You can reach wider candidate pools by either uploading a file with email addresses or copy+paste from a list. Adding questions to the assessments and assign it to potential applicants. And then, sit back and just relax. Based on pre defined cut offs you will get your pool of shortlisted applicants.

As of now you have to upload your own questions. However, going forward, EvueMe will also have a bank of suggested questions which you can use to test various competencies.

EvueMe easily complements your existing Applicant Tracking System. It easily integrates with your ATS with some customization and hence no changes to your existing recruitment process

EvueMe is a cloud based application and we provide services across the globe.

Yes. EvueMe is mobile friendly and you can use your mobile device or tablet for most activities.

EvueMe platform is a highly scalable model and can support unlimited concurrent applicants.