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Know your students in a way resonating with their digital generation

Give your future students chance to present themselves more effectively than just a paper application. Give them flexibility of time, venue and device to present their three dimensional view to you. Reduce the length of your application while gaining more insights than the traditional written essay.


Judge whether the "real student" matches impression through material submitted

E View your future students using timed video and written responses from them to get a deeper understanding of their leadership skills and how they respond and think on their feet before a personal interaction.Unearth those bright students with hidden potential who might not stand out on their test scores. Share the digital interviews with entire admission committee to get multiple views for holistic assessment.


Position your institution in the top league

Join the top league institutions across the world who use digital interviews as an integral part of their admission process.Today’s generation embraces technology like never before. Engage them with an immersive brand experience of your institute, show them a personalized opening video from your institute Director and end with a closing video that gets your future student excited about your institute and your admission process.